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Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Remodeling the Bedroom

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My niece has grown up to be a teenager, so that she asked her father to renovate her room by applying the teenage bedroom ideas. She is not in her last year of elementary school. She wanted to create the bedroom to have mature theme. She told that she only needs the design to remodel the bedroom. Then, my brother looked for the various designs. He also even asked for the interior designer firm. He wanted to give my niece the great bedroom.

Teenage Bedroom Ideas Purple Curtain White Rug White Chair White Shelves

The Previous Design

When my brother asked help in interior designer firm, he should provide the recent design. Hence, the firm could help him remodeling the bedroom. The firm also asked the time to measure the room. Thus, they can draw the layout of the bedroom. My brother then drew the layout as best as he could. Yet, he also took pictures for the bedroom. The previous design, my brother placed white bed with drawers. He also placed the pink cabinets in the room. Moreover, he installed the pink striped wallpaper there. He also added purple rug under the bed.

After Changing the Design

My brother told me that my niece’s bedroom finished several weeks ago. He told me that the design and the setting needed a month working. Then, I thought it takes long time than the prediction. However, he told me that he is very happy for the result. From the design, my brother placed a big white desk with shelves and drawers. He placed the white chair in front of the desk. He added the grey wardrobe in the corner. Moreover, the desk is in the upper level than the floor. Hence, it is featured with white stairs.

Moreover, my brother added the blue leather poufs near the bed. He added the floral armchair near the bed. He placed the white television cabinet on the corner aside the bed. According to the interior designer, he hung the black hanging lamp there. On the other hands, my brother still kept the white vanity table there. My brother also hung the snow pattern on the wall. However, he painted the a side wall in baby pink to create the accent in the bedroom.

12 Photos of the Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Remodeling the Bedroom