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Toddler Room Ideas for Boy in Livelier Theme

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My sister in law renovated her boys’ room that applied one of the toddler room ideas. She told me several months ago that she wanted to renovate her sons’ room. Yet, she did not know about the design yet. Then, she called her designer friend. She told me that her friend wanted to help her related to the design and layout. My sister in law then listed the furniture and the room decorations for the room. Her friend also added the modifications as well. However, my sister in law agreed with the changes.

Toddler Room Ideas Blue Sky Wall White Cabinets Brown Carpet

The Furniture in the Room

My sister told me to see her sons’ room soon. She told me that it may give me the inspiration to renovate my son’s room. She added that she can call her friend to help me. Moreover, I went to her house with my son that day. I greeted me very well. Then, she asked me to go to the room myself while she made the drinks for us. I entered the room. I saw the brown wooden bunk bed there. She also added the wooden desk and a white chair in front of the desk.

The Decorations of the Room

I looked around the room. I saw it is really simple and chic. Yet, I could see the stunning design at once. There, I saw the combination of white and green wall. She added the blue poufs on the brown carpet. Moreover, my sister in law placed white standing lamp in the room. She installed the white curtains to the windows. Then, she also stuck the dolphin stickers on the windows. Those stickers made the room more amazing.

Furthermore, my sister in law hung the round clock on the wall. She wanted her sons to remember the time. Then, they should do the activity in time. On the other hands, my sister in law placed the additional furniture to make the room livelier. She added the orange and green wooden bench. Of course, the colors of the bench create cheerful ambiance. However, I could get the inspiration through the room anyway. I got one thing that the kid room should place colorful furniture and paints.

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