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Togo Sofa for Minimalist Modern Dwelling

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Lately my mother is really attracted to the Togo sofa. Firstly I do not really understand why, but after I know the shape and the kinds of colors of it, I finally understand why. You know? The shape of the sofa is really simple, I think that the sofa is just like a giant larva that comes in any color, just kidding; I think the sofa is really come uniquely or maybe little bit weird with the puffy seats and the stripes that make the sofa looks really minimalist and modern.

Lime Green Sofa Wooden Floor Black Bar Stools Minimalist Look

The colors of the Sofa are come variously. All of the colors is the bold colors, then to be blend with the room that has a color block theme this kind of sofa is really suitable. My mother really attracted to this kind of sofa because of she saw the sofa in her friend house when she was hold the reunion there. She said that the sofa is really comfortable and really suitable to the modern house like ours. She just asked to me to accompany her to the department store to saw the sofa there.

Lime Green Sofa

The first choice of my mother is the lime green one. I think if it is come in lime green it would be need the room that come in a white or the light colors. Then actually our house is come in a grey wall and wooden floor that I think it will quite really pierce if we chose the sofa as the furniture inside our house. Actually that was not a bed choice, but it is just need the right room sense to set in.

The Light Grey Sofa

Then finally we find the one that come in light grey. The color is really suitable to our house sense. The sofa that we chose is has an arm and come in a large size. The fabric that we chose also come in cotton and really puffy and comfortable. My mother really excited to have one in our house. She really love the shape and the color of the sofa and we went home in a really satisfied condition with the sofa that my mother’s want is in back.

12 Photos of the Togo Sofa for Minimalist Modern Dwelling