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Unique Combination of Google Tel Aviv office Design

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Nowadays, Google has just established their new branches of offices which are located in Google Tel Aviv area. It is located in the area of Israel. The whole designs are the design which is conducted by the two teams of designers who are Camenzind Evolution and also Setter Architect design team. They rest on the concept of the modern office look with the additional parts of some rooms such as the conference rooms, then the storybook room, and also the computer lab which is designed with the maritime model.

Creative Building on Google Tel Aviv

The office has just opened in the late of December 2012. The Google Tel Aviv office is becoming the office that is used as the center of three key concepts of Google offices which are the engineering directorate, sales team, and also marketing team. They established this building into 8 floors. Thus, we can imagine how fantastic the building is. It is the best building decoration that has just built in the late of 2012 because it is considered as one of the most elegant building in Israel.

Best Panorama in Google Tel Aviv

It is established in the area of Central Tel Aviv tower. It will allow us to see the perfect shape of the sea and also the city panorama. Thus, whenever we feel tired and also get stressed with our job, we can just go to the balcony and seeing these scenes easily. The designer of the building said that they would like to create the best building with the diverse environment condition. It is the impressive idea for the building creation.

Overall, the design is indeed unique. We can see the unique theme in this building. We can easily see the vase flower, scooter, mini tractor, and also the other unique components within this building. It is actually the creative that idea that would make us always feels comfortable in staying in the office. Thus, the work environment needs to be designed with the comfortable manner so that workers can stay there well. The Google Tel Aviv office evolution is one of the best buildings which mix the concept of cozy work area with the perfect decoration as well.

16 Photos of the Unique Combination of Google Tel Aviv office Design