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Unique Small Bathroom Décor Mexican Style Idea

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Among the compilation of architecture arrangement design styles, the Mexican style is one of the unorthodox and the most rarely used styles. The main characteristic of the Mexican style itself resembles that of eclectic style that features many elements of other styles in an arrangement that may appear almost chaotic. The reason behind the name Mexican is the form of style itself that usually found in Mexican houses. In order to elaborate further of its details in building small bathroom decor Mexican style, doing it by evaluating one significant work of Mexican style bathroom would be a good option.

The General Layout and Arrangement of the Small Bathroom Decor Mexican Style

As has been mentioned before, the actual general layout and arrangement designing of a Mexican style architecture nearly resembles that of an eclectic. There is an element that makes the distinction of course, but it would be left out for now. The prominent small bathroom design implementing Mexican style to be evaluated now is one which was posted on the internet as reference. The bathroom features chaotic color scheme and arrangement. This is not a bad thing since it creates exotic look for the bathroom.

The layout of the floor comes in black tiles installment. The wall, in the other hand applies plastic installation with red painting. The ceiling is also different for implementing normal concrete build with white color. The furniture is where everything is even less ordered. The bathroom features a tribal carpet covering the central part of the room. The sink is built of wooden composition whose surface is furnished by glass to create a more modern look. The most interesting furnishing item, however, is the bathtub. The tub resembles a fountain made of pebbles stacked in layers of circles.

The Exclusive Decorative Detail of the Small Bathroom Decor Mexican Style

It has been mentioned before that Mexican style does not resemble eclectic style of design in all ways. There is still a distinction that exclusively belongs to Mexican style. The room of the current evaluation also has this particular detail which is the Mexican style decorative items. The decorative items are not diverse like typical set of decorations. Instead all of them come in form of dolls whose figure resemble human. In Mexican tradition the dolls are called Mariachi. The bathroom features a large amount of these Mariachi dolls gracing especially the top of the sink and the cabinet.

10 Photos of the Unique Small Bathroom Décor Mexican Style Idea