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Unique Z House for a Unique House

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A unique house is always appreciated by many, but I am sure not many houses can rival the uniqueness of the Z House. The house that is located in Sydney in the country of Australia has a unique appearance of two contradicting elements standing side by side, giving the impressive design not many can imitate. The house is surely something that is worth it to be living in.

Unique Interior and Exterior Designs of Z House

When I say that Z House by Bruce Stafford Architects is unique, I really mean it. The house is divided into two, the concrete house and the wooden house. The concrete house has a unique design where a side of the only room of the upper floor does not have an angle. On this “angle-less” side is where the ventilation in the form of white panel resides. However, the wooden house also has a unique design. For the wooden house, only the upper floor is in wood. The bottom floor is full concrete. Moreover, the upper floor is designed in such a way that is looks like a wooden box placed on the bottom floor.

Since the house is divided into two, of course the theme of each house is different. In the hall formed by the space between the two houses is where the contrast of the themes can be seen. The concrete house has a minimalist theme where everything is mostly in white. The wooden house also has a minimalist theme, but it has a different color that the concrete house. Sure, the colors used for the wooden house is as plain as the concrete house’s, but they are darker such as pale green mud and colors similar to that.

Comfort Living in the Z House

Do not worry, because the contrast will not disturb the ambiance of the house .Both of the houses are comfortable. The rooms are spacey and well-illuminated, making them comfortable. Moreover, the furniture used is in modern style, making the interior design looks stylish and fabulous. For a refreshing feeling, there is the fresh green backyard in the concrete house, complete with a clear swimming pool. Blue reclining chairs are also there, giving an option of sun tanning for those who wants to do that. Extraordinary Z House by Bruce Stafford Architects is unique and stylish, but its comfort that is guaranteed will definitely give an extraordinary bliss to the resident.

14 Photos of the Unique Z House for a Unique House