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Wonderful Bali’s Tropical Paradise Maya Ubud Resort with the Traditional Sense

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I just arrived in my country after really adorable and unforgettable holiday in Bali’s tropical paradise maya ubud resort. This resort is located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. There I do really enjoy my holiday with a white sand beach, tasty foods, tropical sun shine and the cheap price souvenirs that really come in a unique shape and design. There I spent my holiday together with my friends and do really love the Indonesian weather that always summer all year long. Then I just think that there would holiday all year long, really adorable.

There I stayed in Bali’s tropical paradise beautiful Maya Ubud Resort that built in a building that comes really traditional as the Indonesian taste of traditional. I love the fragrance of the frangipani’s flower anyway. Not only the frangipani that dominated the view there, but also the coconut trees and the others tropical plants that grown in the valley near the river that located in the resort’s backyard. There also provided the small porch to enjoy the view of the tropical river complete with the plants and the small creatures.

Private Villa Maya Ubud Resort

There I stayed together with my girl friends in a beautiful, adorable, stunning, gorgeous private tropical villa. The sun rise and the sun set can be enjoyed from the villa without getting out to the porch because the wide windows and the glass door provide us the beautiful tropical scenery through it. Then there are also provided the yoga spot that really come in a tranquil atmosphere and the calm view. I just love to spend my time there to write my email to my family in home.

The Restaurant of Maya Ubud Resort

There are provided for me and my pals an Indonesian restaurant in the resort. Not the entire menu in Indonesian menu, we can also order the European or just a burger or French fries there. But for me to taste the Asian foods especially Indonesian was a must. Then I just taste the Indonesian fried rice and rending then also the satay and the lawar that become a typical Balinese food. Moreover the dining room and the restaurant set in a modern sense and traditional that comes in a one sense in the Bali’s tropical paradise maya ubud resort restaurant.


22 Photos of the Wonderful Bali’s Tropical Paradise Maya Ubud Resort with the Traditional Sense