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Wonderful Wooden House In Rural Area Of Italian

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Would you ever go to the wooden house of Casa Pre de Sura. This house was beautifully style by Casati Austrian new firm. Casati has totally made the Casa Pre de Sura this year. That modern wooden house is initiated in the beautiful rural regions of Italy which San Martino in Badia.

Wooden House And Limestone Partition

Here I have some photos of wooden house design by Casati which called Casa Pre de Sura. That gabled house in Italy by Austrian designers Casati has stripy wooden partitions on the out-of-doors and rough limestone partitions on the inside. The format of the house is truly distinctive. The idea to combine with nature is visible from the soil level that uses the physical shape of the region. The leveled floor perhaps not reduce the house but makes the house more distinctive. With the leading part in the low floor and the rear in the larger produce this house half two stories and half one stories house. Boxy windows job from the edge and act opinions in the course of the Castello di San Martino.

The devices and furniture makes this home more standard but nonetheless show art and elegance. A little fortress on a detailed by hillside is visible from the home. With variety of glass windows produce more light and also comfortable enter the home. This design can be also used by you to lessen electrical usage from electrical light. A window in the master suite wraps around on the most effective covering. Once they awaken each morning more fresh atmosphere will be created by this. To ensure that little children can easily see out while the floor is met by other ones.

Wooden House In The Leveled Contour

The limestone combination surfaces encompass hallways and rooms on each one of the three surfaces. This style can support absorbing water from the air, that can cooling the home throughout warmer months. This building gift ideas a unique consider answers that really help to create connection with the encompassing landscape. The wooden house plans ideas such as this is extremely special and in addition you may use it to deal with the shape of the floor that perhaps not smooth and leveled.

11 Photos of the Wonderful Wooden House In Rural Area Of Italian