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Workspace Decorating Ideas for the Men’s Apartment

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My younger brother wanted to find and create the workspace for his apartment, so that he looked for workspace decorating ideas. He needs the particular workspace related to his work. He also needs the organizing environment to enhance his work. Thus, he looked for the decorating ideas last month. He called me that time and asked me for helping him. Then, I accompanied to find the design in the furniture stores. Usually the furniture stores will offer the interior design service. Then, we can consult the design with them.

The Choice Number One

My younger brother consulted the design with one of the interior designer there. He mentioned his needs for a workspace. Then, the interior designer started to open the catalogue. She said that the design can be customized as the demand of the customers. Then, the interior designer drew the layout with the orange wall with dark grey sofa with green carpet there. She also added the white desk simultaneously with the white wall shelves. She featured the desk with the white chair. Then, she added the arch lamp on the desk. Moreover, she suggested the orange and white cabinets to complete the space.

The Choice Number Two

Then, the interior designer gave my brother the second choice. She offered the black desk with black single sofas and the black office chair. Then, she added the black bookshelves there. She featured the design with additional white wall shelves above the desk. She also recommended the brown wall stick notes. She also added the pixel carpet under the chairs. On the other hands, the interior designer also added the choice of the arch lamp and the curve white shades for the design.

Moreover, my younger brother was very interested in both designs. Yet, he had to choose one of the designs. After a while, he came up with his choice. I was curious which one is the choice. He told the designer to apply the second choice. Then, he also asked for the working project. The store also offers the workers to build the workspace. My younger brother took the option. Then, I could see his smile while we went back home that evening.


12 Photos of the Workspace Decorating Ideas for the Men’s Apartment