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Young Family Apartment for New Living Space

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My younger sister moved to a place in young family apartment with her husband and her only son. She moved there because her husband wanted to have close distance to his office. They then bought a family apartment to the living house. She then called me after she finished maintaining and arranging the furniture and the decorations of the house. She wanted to show me her new living space. She told me again that she wanted to have basic elements for a house like the bedrooms, the kitchen and the dining space, the bathroom, and the living room.

Looking around to the House

I arrived in my sister’s apartment that afternoon after working. She greeted me very well and allowed me to come in. She asked me to sit in the living room. The apartment applied the minimalist design as my opinion. I was sitting on the cream brown long sofa in front of the black floral cream wallpaper. The wallpaper gives the separating space because the living room is facing the dining space and the kitchen. I saw the black hanging television on the brown wall. She actually built dual space floor with higher ceiling.

The Other Rooms

My sister placed the wooden long kitchen counter for the preparation station. She built it in L shape. In the corner of the space, she added the brown wooden cabinets. Moreover, my sister uses the wooden extending dining table to create the efficient saving space. I saw the focal point with mirror wall there. It also makes the spacious illusion for the space. Then, I entered the bathroom. She placed wide mirror with two white wash basins. She decided to install the large shower for the bathroom.

Moreover, I saw her master bedroom with brown simple bed. There, I saw the white simple desk and the white chair. After that, I entered my nephew’s room with neutral theme. She added the white bench with orange seating pad. She provided more spaces for playing ground. She also added the cream beanbag somewhere in the room. However, I am happy after visiting my sister’s new apartment anyway. I could see her happy in the new place as well.


13 Photos of the Young Family Apartment for New Living Space